Friday, 30 September 2011

Character Design: Lesson 2

In this lesson we were asked to alter existing character design using what we learned about shapes.

Evil Micky
Using triangles and sharp shapes

Iconic Maleficent
Reducing to the bear essentials

Monday, 26 September 2011

Character Design: Story Idea

I have put together a rough idea for my story. I need to flesh it out more, by thinking of character names and backstories etc. However this gives an idea of the direction I’m going in, I hope it makes sense.

Genra: Arabian Nights + Pirates

The World

Fantasy/ Post-apocalyptic world covered mostly by desert (water is very scarce). The inhabitants of this world travel vast distances on ship like land vessels that use wind power. There is one small inland ocean; it is a source of great power for the Kingdom that controls most of the known populated areas of this world.  However the Sultan of the Kingdom is brutal, he keeps the lion’s share of the water for the privileged few whilst the common people are left with just enough to survive. Some have chosen to abandon the Kingdom and live as pirates and outlaws in the Great Desert (the vast mostly unmapped desert).

The Hero

The captain of a renegade pirate vessel, he has abandoned The Kingdom to seek undiscovered riches in the Great Desert. He has gained notoriety due to his numerous run-ins with the Sultans army. Although The Captain is a pirate he lives by a moral code (he will not kill or steal from the poor).  He hates the Kingdom and the Sultan (the villain) because they want to take away the freedom he loves.      

The Sidekick

A fat drunk who happens to be the best friend of the captain. He is lazy, loves food and is often a nuisance to the rest of the crew. However he is surprisingly intelligent, loyal and is capable of remarkable feats of bravery.   

The Villain
A brutal sultan who rules most of the known civilisations in the world, he also seeks riches in the Great Desert. However he mostly seeks new areas to conquer, and despises the pirates and outlaws that get in his way. He is a skilled warrior and inspirers fear in his enemies and allies alike.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Character Design: Lesson 1

In this lesion we were given the task to create a character out of two different types.

Cyborg + Soldier

Pygmy + Viking
In hindsight I should have made the helmet much bigger.
The types I picked for my main project were Arabian Knights and Pirates; I’m very pleased with these :)