Friday, 15 February 2013

Major Project Update

This Blog has been neglected for a while as I have been uploading to our new group blog. For my major project I am collaborating with Dom to transcribe a scene from Dante Alighieri's Inferno. The scene we have chosen to transcribe depicts a forest were damned soles have been turned into trees as punishment. This post is an update on everything I have been doing over there.
You can follow the progress of this project in more detail on the Bestia Studios blog:

Influence Maps

Our initial influence was drawn heavily from classical painting, particularly medieval depictions of hell. We also looked at strange trees in nature to Inspire our hellish forest setting.


I wrote a first draft for a script however our idea has now been simplified to the point were a script is no longer needed.

Sketches and Silhouettes

These are some experiments I did to create trees in silhouette from using various elements from human anatomy, nature and various other strange objects.

These are my initial sketches for the harpy creatures that inhabit the forest. They are based around the idea of inverting the harpies maternal nature into something grotesque.