Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Nautilus Library Design

This is my sketch for the Nautilus library design. I have tried to keep the indian feel of the Nautiluses exterior. I have used lots of spiral shapes because they suggest in an abstract way lots of different aquatic shapes such as waves, shells and squid tentacles. I have also attempted to abstractly suggest a few other aquatic shapes. I wanted to use lots of bolts in the walls to make it seem more constructed like a vessel, as-opposed to just a posh library that could be anywhere.  I have also included details like the air purification pipe that is described in the book. I have also added an electric light with fluorescent ringed tubes I wanted this to resemble a chandelier. I also added a porthole to further suggest that this is aboard an aquatic vessel. I like the way the constructed feel contrasts with the luxury of the room.


  1. Thats really good, must of taken some time~

  2. It's promising Sam, but it does feel like you're showing me the 'corner' of this space - could you not use this as the basis for a more 'spacious' composition by extending from it and siting the pov further back?

  3. Hi Sam, how I can contact you?
    I am working in a Graphic Novel based in Jule Vernes and I really like your sketchs.
    Please contact me to thespace@josephremesar.com

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