Monday, 10 January 2011

Final Concept

I have made a few adjustments to my final concept. I have added some more colours, mainly reds and browns, originally to try to capture the Japanese horror style.  But I was mainly inspired by some paintings I found, most noteabley Henry Fuseli's The Nightmare. 
This is Henry Fuseli's The Nightmare I have drawn stylistic inspiration from the creepy colours used in the painting. The greenish yellow has an alienating effect and the blood red could maybe suggest danger. It also relates thematically to my idea, although i can’t say the painting was a direct inspiration conceptually, because I discovered it after my idea was almost finalized. However I think adopting the visual style of The Nightmare has given my work a new dimension. I want to do some further research on this paining to try and find more ways of thematically linking it with my scene.

This painting, Goya Saturn's Son, was another inspiration for the colours that I have used.


  1. like the linking here, Sam - but do ensure you leave yourself enough time to make the effective transition from concept art to digital set...

  2. really like this, nice sense of confusion :)