Thursday, 2 February 2012

Fauns, Trees and Tentacles

The Dunwich Horror has its roots in a story by one of Lovecraft’s idols, Arthur Machen. Arthur Machen’s The Great God Pan is a story about the child of the faun god Pan. The Dunwich Horror is Lovecraft’s reinterpretation of Machen’s folkloric tale. Lovecraft’s description of Wilbur Whateley seems to incorporate aspects of traditional fauns. 

I decided that I could incorporate a suggestion of traditional folklore in my design for Wilbur. I began looking at depictions of fauns in traditional artwork. 

 Burne Jones

 Arnold Bocklin

These paintings are interesting and may become more useful later on to further establish a visual style. I was stuck in an attempt to find a way of incorporating more Lovecraftien aspects (such as tentacles) with traditional Folkloric elements. In my tutorial with Alan, it was suggested that I look more closely at faun mythology and the connection to nature.
  As advised by Alan, I have created abstract silhouettes using the shapes of tree branches and roots. These shapes could form the basis of some initial concepts. 

I have also made an influence map showcasing various strange tree textures.

My next step will possibly be to begin sketching some initial ideas.

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