Monday, 11 October 2010

More Hybrid Drawings

In these sketches I have tried to contaminate the humanoid form itself by adding more insect like elements to it.  

This is a more freakish version of the hybrid. I wanted it to look delicate and vulnerable. Also I wanted it to seem virtually immobile because of its unnatural form. This is to add to the idea that this creature is oppressed by its deformities. 

In this wired spindly design I wanted to make the fingers look like extra legs. I think this creature is too tall and intimidating for what I am trying to do. 

I think this is my best looking design so far, but I'm not certain it shows the emotion I want it to. It looks to powerful and elegant.
I want to start incorporating Victorian era freak show/circus imagery into my design. I want it to have an almost steampunk feel to it. Like something from a H.G. Well's novel that never was. This will also further relate my design to the ordeals of Joseph Merrick.

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