Monday, 11 October 2010

Victorian Freak Show Posters

This is a small collection of freak/curiosity show posters I have found on the website bellow. For my final piece, Phil suggested that I depict myself as if on a ‘Freakshow’ poster in some lurid, but tragic attraction at a travelling carnival. I thought this was a fantastic idea so I plan on adopting it. My only problem is I am not yet very comfortable using Photoshop. So such a precise visual style might be hard for me to replicate accurately. Also I’m not certain if we are allowed to use any text in the final peace.
There is something disturbing about the way these posters are written in such an upbeat manna, but are so horrifically ignorant.     


  1. text would be appropriate in this context, yes, as you're appropriating the visual language of another artform, which is reliant on it.

  2. hey sam - just some blogging advice; consider using a less dominant font - go for arial or times or something generic - it's the content that counts in this respect - go for something lighter and easier on the eye (my eyes at least - I'm old, remember!).