Sunday, 20 March 2011

Animation Timeline 1906/1920

J. Stuart Blackton created the first animated short film called Humorous phases of Funny Faces. Blackton used a chalk board to draw various funny faces and film them.  He simply stopped the film then erased one face and draws another; played together this gave the illusion of movement.

Winsor McCay creates an animated sequence based on his comic strip character Little Nemo.
Winsor McCay creates the first cartoon character specifically for animation in Gertie, The Trained Dinosaur.  The animation consisted of McCay Interacting with the titular Gertie the dinosaur, it was shown both in theatres and live on stage.
Felix the Cat was a very popular character in the early period of animation, he appeared in many short animations. He was also one of the first characters to be heavily merchandised.  

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