Thursday, 10 March 2011

Character Concepts

I have been trying to think up a character design for my clumsy automobile. My first ideas below are a bit generic, boring and don’t really seem very clumsy. The design on the top was intended to look a bit arrogant but just looks angry. The other sketch just looks like a psychopath car rather than a clumsy car. 

I was struggling for ideas so I began thinking about what John Lasseter said about all cars seeming to have a personality. I asked my brother to think of cars that look like they might be a bit stupid/clumsy (he knows way more about cars than i do). He suggested the Vauxhall Nova because of its chav/townie associations. I really liked the look of the car because its boy racer personality seemed to shine straight away.  

I was trying to think of fun ways of developing this idea by incorporating some very chav characteristics into the design. I thought of the Burberry cap as a defining chav characteristic.

I thought of using the cars paint job to incorporate the Burberry design, I used the design on the roof and hood. I made the hood look open (like it’s stuck that way after a few scrapes); this made it resemble a Burberry cap.

This is the final design and a few expression variations

I also thought about how this development could change my story slightly. I thought that instead of a chuckling cheeky CCTV camera character, I could make him resemble a disapproving policeman or security guard.

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