Sunday, 3 April 2011

@ Phil, Animation so far... (Very Worried)

Phil, I’m a little disheartened over the fact that I have been working on this for 4 days solid now, and this is all I have (about 3 or 4 seconds). I really don’t see how I can possibly get it finished at the rate I’m going, especially as I will need to put this all together in Premier-Pro as well.

Sorry for the poor quality vids, I don’t have P-Pro at home so I’m using free animation software called Monkey Jam.
This is a still frame that could use up about 3 or 4 seconds whilst zooming in.

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  1. Hey Sam,

    You won't be the only one feeling this way, right now. There's nothing I can suggest, because the animation you have produced is working, so.... All I can say is, year on year, first year students DO manage to complete their animations - but this the unit everyone remembers. I suggest you decide that you ARE going to complete the animation come hell or high water - and work with Meg tomorrow to identify any parts of your process that are slowing you down unnecessarily. I wish I had a magic wand - but I don't!