Thursday, 14 April 2011

@Phill: Update

Just wanted to know what you think of the direction I’m going with Unit 6, I’m worried I might be going a bit over the top.
I have decided to give my version of the HIV infection a body horror feel. This idea came to me whilst drawing the infected cell and noticing very anatomical shapes in the patterns.  I will be focusing on the attack and mutilation of a host cell. I want to portray the mutilation in a Cronenberg / David Lynch style. I still want to emphasize the vampiric nature of the virus but I’m not sure how to do this effectively.
I have done a few concept sketches; I’m not too sure about them. I tried to give the HIV cell an anatomical feel, even going as far as to add figure like mandibles to the Glycoprotein (Inspired by the Face hugger in Alien).

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  1. Hey Sam - who is your audience? It feels like this is directed they strongly at the 14-16 male audience - hence the horror stuff. If you're going to go this route maybe check out the Saw movies because of their use of elaborate devices and tension in the run up to the killings; I can see that level of kinetic, hyper-edited Raimi-style working nicely. Get some colour concepts worked up quickly and 'embrace the horror' - there's still time to water it down if it goes too far...