Sunday, 2 October 2011

New Character Design Synopsis & Bios

Captain Hashim leads a rogue crew of pirates who roam the Arabian Ocean on their frigate, The Isis, in search of lost treasures & adventure. The Sultan and his imperial fleet also patrol the ocean seeking new conquests and the elimination of piracy.  Captain Hashim and his crew have achieved notoriety because of their frequent run-ins with the Sultan and his fleet.
Character Bios
Captain Hashim (Hero)
Captain Hashim is strong willed, witty and brave, or arrogant and reckless, depending on whom you ask. Although Hashim is a pirate he lives by a moral code, he doesn’t kill, and never steals from the poor. Hashim Loves the freedom the Ocean provides him. He enjoys out-witting the Sultan and his fleets. He hates The Sultan for attempting to take away the freedom he loves.
Horus (Sidekick)
Horus is the loyal avian companion of Hashim, he is an Arabian Falcon who is often found perched on Hashim’s shoulder. Horus is useful for both scouting and relaying messages over long distances. He is more sensible than Hashim and often attempts to discourage his more reckless or daring decisions, always to no affect.   
The Sultan (Villain)
The nameless leader of the Empire known solely as ‘The Sultan’ is swift, brutal and unforgiving in his pursuit of power. The acquisition of power by way of conquest is all that The Sultan really cares about. He is a methodical tactician as well as a formidable warrior. He hates pirates especially the crew of the Isis. This is mainly because Captain Hashim is the only person who regularly out-smarts him.

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  1. Hi Sam,
    I think these characters are coming on strongly, but i have a couple of reservations. For your animal sidekick, a hawk is not sidekick material, unless it has a humourous personality. In Hercules, his pegasus mount is a sidekick, because it thinks its a sparrow. A predator is just a little too serious. Alternatively, choose a more comical animal, such as a parrot, monkey, or comical magical creature.
    Secondly, although your set up is great, I think you need an actual maguffin, or thing the pirate needs to acheive beyond wealth and noteriety. In otherwords, your hero needs a task to accomplish during your series. Simplistic this may be, this is what these 80s cartoons were about. What you have here is a set up for a "sandbox" style tv show, such as firefly, where the heroes just go from job to job, trying to stay alive and make money.