Friday, 20 May 2011

Render Test

I have been experimenting with texture and have rendered a single frame of my opening sequence to show my progress. I’m trying to make something that looks slimy, fleshy and unpleasant. I think I’m almost there, except maybe it’s a bit plastic looking at the moment, not sure.


  1. You're right on both accounts. It is a bit plasticky looking but you're close. Have you any specular maps on them? You might want to experiment with transparency.

    Also the background needs knocking back in terms of focus. It's really difficult to read the depth in the scene.

    And most importantly, the lighting you have in there at the moment seems a bit half-hearted. It looks like you're just using a single directional light?

    My suggestion would be to plunge the scene into darkness and then start adding different types of lights. That usually works for me when I'm trying to get some dark and dramatic lighting going.

  2. agreed - right now, you have a total 'white noise' effect; there is no visual hierarchy, I don't where to look, and everything looks busy - it's a recipe for eye-strain. Tom is right; think more filmically; turn all the lights off, and then, like any good cinematographer, make this space look cool - and fuck the 'where's this light coming from?' logic - make it work as a world.

  3. *I don't know where to look* - sorry!