Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Virus Cell Concepts

I’m not certain how appropriate the faces are, it might be way to over stylized. However the idea was to make it more fun for my target audience (12 to 16 year olds), so maybe it’s ok.

This concept doesn’t have the fleshy tones that I wanted, it was to dark. I created a grotesque tong like protuberance that extends from the mouth to attach to a host cell. This was to make it more vampiric, this was inspired by the vampires in Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain series of novels. In the novels the vampires have long stingers that protrude from there mouths.

These concepts show a virus cell and host cell; I have more successfully captured the fleshy tones in these images. These two are more passive looking, as apposed to the more psychotic first concept, perhaps this will make it more subtly creepy.

Top: HIV Virus
Bottom: Host Cell

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  1. not sure about the faces, Sam... and technically, you're moving into challenging maya territories - and you need to be especially realistic about your workflow and time management... have you tried/experimented in making faces in maya etc? Do you have any kind of feel for what this means technically?