Thursday, 23 December 2010

Another Random Idea and Some Thumbnails

I decided to give my attic idea another try. I have replaced the main point of focus to this Dog Cage that I found an image of. I have still included the strange Buddha Teddy idea it is looking ominously into a mirror in a more side-lined position. I have included some other details like the pile of mobile phones falling out of a battered old box. This was inspired by a sequence in the novel The Strain in the book the characters encounter a large pile of mobile phones in an abandoned subway tunnel. This image struck me as being very uncanny in its tone. There is also a pile of shoes and a suitcase stuffed with clothing. These things are meant to imply that there may be some kind of creature in the cage being fed humans. Also images like the piled up shoes have ominous associations with genocide. I have also tried a more interesting composition, the POV is more first person.

 Some of the compositions with the POV looking up into the loft would have probably been more effective.  

Dog Cage

I’m still not totally happy with this idea. I think there is too much going on and there is no real focus. I think I preferred the bedroom idea even though the composition needs to be more interesting. I want to develop the bedroom idea using thumbnails and more images for reference. 

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  1. Hi Sam

    When talking about design and ideas drop the word 'Random'. To a reader it gives your work a non committal feel. Like you're not quite confident about it. It also has teenage connotations due to its current use in culture. Again being used to avoid commitment to an idea or act.

    More importantly, if this post was a pitch for a film it would have been rejected based upon your opening line. 'Random' is one of those industry insider joke words that illustrate that you are an amateur.