Friday, 10 December 2010

More Thumbnails and Random Ideas

Whilst surfing the internet looking for pictures of old teddy's I came across this image. I came up with the idea of having the old teddy looking at a photograph like this of itself but when it was new. 

I couldn't decide how to pose the two objects, because I felt it was important to see the teddies eyes, and it was also important that the picture was seen.   

In the thumbnails below you can see I have attempted to resolve this issue using a mirror.

 I randomly came up with this Rene Magritte style surrealist element of a toy train emerging from an old worn cardboard box. It is supposed to resemble a train emerging from a tunnel.
 In this last thumbnail I came up with the idea of using the toys in the attic to subtly and symbolically tell the story of why they are there. I used the toy train idea combined with a toy car to suggest that there had been some kind of collision. There are two dolls in boxes in the background that are intended to symbolise coffins. And finally the morning teddy looking at the portrait of itself and two children is further evidence of a tragedy involving the demise of two children. I liked this idea at first but now I think its to morbid and not very subtle. I think it would be better if I made it more simple and left its meaning more open to interpretation.    

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