Sunday, 6 February 2011

Character Design Update

I did a few sketches of my Henry VIII robotic replica idea, and i didn’t like it. I'm not sure why, I think it felt like I was trying to force the museum and robot to work together, instead of finding a natural solution.

I decided to do a mind map to try and find a more natural way for my three elements to work, and to try and make connections between them. 

My mind map led me to discover that there is a real, or rather was a real robot museum in japan. It has unfortunately closed down; however a place like it would be a perfect setting.  I also made connections with the skipping rope through the ROBO games. It is an event were lots of robot builders get together and there specialised robots compete in various events (like the Olympics). It is not too difficult to imagine a skipping robot in this context.

Robot Museum Nagoya

I have made a few character design sketches that I will use as a foundation to
build my story around. I was thinking along the lines of some kind of Rocky style sporting competition between two robots.

This is my influence map for my character designs; I have looked at various Japanese robot designs.

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  1. Hey Sam, Loving the character in image 4, the little guy on the right. When is this story set? Is it this kind of time? Future? Either way, have you had a look at what the status of robotics looked and functioned like 17 years before this story? For example if it were a computer in a current day museum i'm assuming it would be a pretty huge blocky device if it were 17 years old. What do you think? Nat