Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Some Sketches

Some of these sketches are relevant to unit 4 but some are just random little things I did during reading week.
 These two sketches sort of represent my main two lines of thinking for a character idea. One is for the animatronic dinosaur idea I have mentioned. The other is a different idea I had, I thought of a futuristic museum where they display robotic versions of historical figures. I chose Henry the 8th because he is very iconic; I want to explore these ideas furfur.  

Mobster Half Turn Around

 Head Turn Around Practice

 I don’t know what this thing is, some kind of teddy/mobster thing? Kind of cool though, I imagined it with the voice of Joe Pesci.
Creepy Bug Thing

Promarker Noir Mobster
 (Not sure where this mobster obsession came from, perhaps I have been watching to much Boardwalk Empire)

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