Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Essay Proposal

I thought of writing my Unit 4 essay about the movies of Edgar Wright as he is known for his brilliant fast snappy editing. However the brief seems to suggest we are only meant to write about one film. If this is so, I will pick one of his movies as the main focus (most likely Scott Pilgrim as it is his latest film) and talk about how his other movies relate to it.


  1. Hey Sam - 1,500 words isn't a lot, but if you were to take one film as your key case-study (chosen because you think it exemplifies his style), referring to other films is to be positively encouraged; after all, if you were writing about The Birds, you'd need to refer to Psycho too in terms of montage editing etc.. it's about the focus. Make a start :-)

    also - just get your unit 3 essay submitted to me asap, so I can move you off the naught step. Don't wait for the submission date as given, just get it out of your Unit 4 schedule...

  2. My Unit 3 essay is virtually finished, I just need to write the bibliography and illustration list, I will bring it to you asap.