Monday, 7 February 2011

A Few Story Ideas

Hear are two very ruff story ideas using the three-act structure, although I’m not sure I have used it correctly.

The Skipping Duel

Act 1

Two skipping robots are on display in a museum like the one in Nagoya. They are skipping in unison at first, and getting an equal amount of positive attention form the museum visitors.

Act 2

One of the robots decides to skip faster in order to retrieve more attention. The crowd turn there attention as expected and sound delighted. Seeing this, the other robot decides to go even faster and stats doing little tricks. The crowd then turns to that robot and claps and cheers, and so on.

Act 3

In their attempts to keep up with each other they become equally faster & faster until it becomes dangerous. The crowd noise gradually switches from elation to worry to fear. The crowd flees unnoticed by the two robots. They continue to battle until they both burn out and drop to the floor broken, then the notice the crowd has gone except for two burly security guards who are looking over them angrily.

The Great Robot Escape

Act 1

Small robots with various abilities are on display showing off on plinths scattered around a large exhibition room. We focus on the smallest and most fragile looking one (the skipping robot) and see that he is the least popular exhibit. He looks depressed, board and skips slowly and sombrely,

Act 2

He notices a technician looking at him intently (suggesting he might be thinking of decommissioning him), he tries to skip faster and do some tricks. But he falls off the plinth onto the floor, he hops around to try and avoid being trampled by the humans. He finds an open space near a huge window were he looks out and sees the outside world for the first time.


He decides to try to escape the museum, however the technician and two security guards find him and chase him. He must skip as fast as possible to escape. He finds the exit and makes it outside, but is cornered by the road. Just as he is about to be caught he hooks his skipping rope on a passing car and zooms away to freedom.   

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